Today I launched my online newspaper “The Choicists” In our democracy, we will not have a voice if we do not have a choice. The Choicists will be there to ensure that you will always have a choice to use your voice in your government, economy, and life. Follow The Choicists at:



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Don’t think revenge is a path to happiness
For the real link to enlightenment is forgiveness

Seeing clearly and loving freely. Confusion chained to mitigation. Love embraced by resolution.

Mitigate your dictatorial and quantitative rulers for they are the natural enemies of dreams, which are infinite. Rulers will only take you as far as they can go and not as far as you can go. Society is fond of holding its dreams relative to their rulers rather than recalling that there is an absence of relativity between the two. It was this absence of relativity to rulers that allowed me repose in my dreams. When the hue of youth is potent, dreams are their most ideal. As our youth fades into maturity so do our ideals fade into what we make real. Maturity is not the antagonist to dreams but the executioner, the producer, the muscle that allows the ideal to be real. Age is not the inevitable noose to our dreams, measurements of rulers that we noose ourselves relative to are. You are relative to nothing, you are unprecedented, you are infinite, you can mitigate any limit.
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Monopoly and the reason it was invented - WTF fun facts


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When you’re exploring the vast American wilderness, you never know what you’ll find.
Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.
Alexis de Tocqueville (via haereticum)

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The idea of social justice is that the state should treat different people unequally in order to make them equal.
Friedrich Hayek (via craiganthonywells)

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Camp Whittle with my tent Free Twenty Three men! I love these kids and its beautiful what the YMCA does for each generation. Once again, the YMCA has managed to change my life for the better!
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